e-QSS The software for successful quality assurance
Consulting For quality concepts and invitations to tender
Quality controls Neumann & Neumann offers quality controls
Seminars and events Seminars and trainings for quality management

Neumann & Neumann Software und Beratungs GmbH


The advantage of Neumann & Neumann is the combination of their products and services:
  • Software für quality management
  • Consultation for quality concepts and invitations to tender
  • Quality controls
  • Seminars and events

      Neumann & Neumann and the software e-QSS:

      e-QSS is a well-developed multipurpose and universally applicable quality management system. It is used in medium-sized companies as well as in international groups. Service provider and purchaser ensure the quality of their performance with the software e-QSS which is completely modular. You can create your own system brick by brick.

      Neumann & Neumann and the topic consultation:

      Since 1992 Neumann & Neumann advises companies, clients from the public sector and many other institutions concerned with the ordering and quality assurance of infrastructural services commercial cleaning firms, laundry facilities, the maintenance of public parks and green areas, winter maintenance and catering.

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