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Software for quality management by Neumann & Neumann

Neumann & Neumann Software und Beratungs GmbH

Since more than 25 years – experience in infrastructural services

Neumann& Neumann develops software for quality assurance and performs as a consultant for quality concepts and invitations to tender. The owner managed company stands out for its extensive Know-how and many years of experience in different branches like cleaning, laundry, green spaces, winter maintenance, catering and audits of every kind.


The unique power of Neumann & Neumann is the combination of our products and services:

  • Software for quality assurance – e-QSS
  • Consultation for quality concepts and invitation to tender
  • Quality controls
  • Seminars and events

Neumann & Neumann Geschäftsführung


General Managers
The brother and sister Oswald and Eva Neumann


Company data
Founded: July 1992
Headquarter: Steingaden, Bavaria



Our philosophy of the company

  • Quality is priority
  • Satisfied clients and satisfied employees
  • Longtime customer relationships


Neumann & Neumann Teamfoto



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With e-QSS you are always up to date.

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