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e-QSS basic license for the mobile device

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The e-QSS basic license gives you the opportunity of filling in and saving your checklist in one step electronically. The checklist is entered using the chosen mobile device (for example smartphone, iPhone, iPad, tablet-PC or stationary industrial devices) on which the list of elements is installed. The synchronization between the mobile device and the server is automatic and is as a result, forgery-proof and compact. The advantage of this system is the automatic evaluation of the results with a detailed presentation at the same time. The report’s recipient will be informed by mail about the evaluations. One e-QSS basic license can be used for several projects and their checklists.


Should you have any questions regarding the software e-QSS we will be pleased to inform you about the benefits of using e-QSS, its modules and the diversity of its functions.

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With e-QSS you are always up to date!


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With e-QSS you are always up to date.

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