Software e-QSS touch

Pay attention to your customer´s opinion!

More and more companies would like to know, how satisfied clients, guests and employees are with their services.


e-QSS touch adds a further brick to the mature and universal applicable software e-QSS. e-QSS touch enables you to ask quickly and simply your customer´s opinion. This means that you can react immediately according to your clients ‘whishes. A centralized chronology module can be also added to the e-QSS touch system. The only requirement for the use of the software e-QSS touch is a permanent and stable internet connection.


Success orientated companies ask online:

A modern touch-screen, three smileys in green, yellow and red is all that is needed to invite clients to praise or to criticize services. Most people can spare 10 seconds for a few finger types.


e-QSS touch Bewertungsterminal zur Kundenbefragung


The handling is clearly structured and simple to use. Fast, paperless and totally forgery-proof. e-QSS touch provides discreet simultaneous evaluations of customer´s opinions and wishes. If there are complaints, you can react immediately. You give your clients a feeling of being taken seriously and you can continuously improve your quality!


Should you have any questions regarding the software e-QSS touch we will be pleased to inform you. Please contact us.


With e-QSS you are always up to date!

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